Loes Schakenbos (1973) travelled around the world as stage manager for Nederlands Dans Theater 1 and 3 between 1996 and 2004. Among the most renowned theatres she has worked at are Saitama Arts Center, Paris Opera Garnier, Lincoln Center, Sydney Opera House and Muziek Theater Amsterdam.

After working at Korzo Theater in The Hague as a tour technician and light designer, Loes has started her own business involving light design and technical production for modern dance productions. Since then, she has been working with choreographer such as Jiří Kylián / Kylian Productions, Nanine Linning, André Gingras, Vaclav Kunes, Marina Mascarell, Alida Dors and Jiří Pokorny.


The light is such an important part of our daily life; it is the rhythm of our days, where the mood of people fluctuates with the amount of sun they can feel on their skin. Being a light designer, i am basically trying to re-create the beauty that is shown to us everyday.

… for instance this amazing moment when the clouds create a opening in the sky to let the beams of the sun radiate through or the light flickering from fish to fish as they group themselves just underneath the surface of the ocean.