November 2015

Built for It

by Alida Dors

  • for BackBone

  • Music by DJ LoveSupreme

    Musical dramaturgy by Maarten van Hinte

    Costumes by Elianne van Dorp

    Text by Typhoon

    Pictures by  Jean van Lingen & Loes Schakenbos

Seven dancers deal with different types of stigma and prejudice. Is it possible as an individual to break free from these stigmas? The personal quest for autonomy and developing an own voice is being supported by the combination of spoken word with minimalistic hip-hop dance.

“Loes Schakenbos created a lighting design that proves throughout the whole performance its great value. The stage is bare, with six pending megaphones through which the dancers sometimes make sound. Schakenbos plays creative with shadow, bright lights in the megaphones and soft light that makes the sweat visible on the bodies. It raises the performance to a higher level.” Review on