September 2013

East Shadow

by Jiri Kylian

  • for KylianProductions

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  • Costumes by Joke Visser

    Tomoko Mukaiyama (piano) – Franz Schubert

    Video & Photos by Jason Akira Somma

The basic concept of “East Shadow” is inspired by Beckett and his absurd theatre. But in equal measure, our eternal attempts to live together with somebody, or just even with ourselves.. the difficulty (or impossibility) of it – The play of life and death all result in the most wonderful realisation of all: Everything we do is total nonsense. But this simple fact gives us an enormous power to demonstrate this “nonsense” with the most furious conviction…

“We are still alive, and we want to experience it and let everybody know – no matter how useless it all is – or maybe – that’s precisely why… !”

Jiri Kylian October 2012