May 2016

Free Fall a photographic study

by Jiří Kylián


  • Images and concept Jiří Kylián | artist Sabine Kupferberg (and her duplicate) | music J.S. BachKunst der Fuge, Kontrapunktus 1Glenn Gould (piano) | photography advisor Joris Jan Bos | artistic assistant Patrick Marin | light design and technical supervision Loes Schakenbos | make-up artist (photos) Sara Meerman | World Première presentation 7-14 mei 2016Korzo theater, The Hague, the Netherlands | project management Carmen Thomas (Kylian Productions BV)


Frozen moments of a free fall

Motionless photos – artificially constructed emotional state – Art and artificiality. Two words with the same root, but totally opposite in their meaning. Why this installation? It is my way of dealing with the tension between reality and imagination. And it is my attempt to stop the time for a fraction of a second, and take time to look at it quietly…. Performing artists are trained to reproduce such an emotional state in an instant. A photographic image is a guillotine, separating us from the past and the future, and at the same time bringing both back together in the moment of exposure. The result is “frozen choreography”. These images of this motionless theatre will survive the performer for many years to come…. Sabine is photographed simultaneously from the front and from the back. Torn apart by what was and what will be, in all its irrational forms. I made these images because I am fascinated by Sabine’s gift to change with the years, and by her ability to express her ever changing emotional world. Her ability to make a “truthful reproduction of emotions”. It is another step yet in our creative relationship…. Another step of holding on, and letting go….

Jiří Kylián, May 2016