January 2015

Hieronymus B

by Nanine Linning

  • Set & Costumes by Les Deux Garçons

    Music by Michiel Jansen

    Video by Roger Muskee

    more info www.naninelinning.nl

  • Photos by Kalle Kuikkaniemi

Hieronymus B. celebrates the oeuvre of the famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch in a total work of art combining contemporary dance, video art, opulent costume and stage design with the merging composition of historic and contemporary music.

Hieronymus B., Linning’s latest and overwhelmingly large scale production, celebrates the inspiring force of the painter by translating the steady topicality of Bosch’s work – the ongoing attraction that is thrown on its beholders and inspired artists – into movement. Nanine Linning, fascinated by Bosch’s vivid mind, created an evening length production around the themes of the Seven Deadly Sins and its hell, yet with a strong focus on Hope. As in her immense production ‘Requiem’, Nanine Linning collaborated again with Les Deux Garçons to shape Bosch’s visions for the nowadays’ stage. His humans, creatures and composite beings, his landscapes and his vision of hell find their physical interpretation in the costume design and stage design of the Dutch artist duo.

“Impressive and visually powerful in its aesthetic opulence and consistency”  Mannheimer Morgen


“The modern music of Michiel Jansen and the light design of Loes Schakenbos create a trans temporal sound space.” 

“Dancers, musicians, the many creative heads involved in this production succeeded in cooperative support to create a fantastic world. And the raving applause of the Heidelberg audience at the end is at the same time a calling to us to let go of envy, fears and wrath, all deadly sins to make our small world a bit better every day.”  SWR2