Februari 2015

Like a Large animal deep in Sleep

by Marina Mascarell

  • more info www.korzo.nl


  • Photo’s by Robert Benschop

Surrounded by fifty cardboard boxes, three dancers (James o’Hara, David Hessing and Yu Fen Huang) ask what we can do to really exercise influence in society. They invite you to contribute. “it is like a large animal deep in sleep” is a poetic performance about basic but essential daily activities, and about the great philosophical issues such as the wish to be free. It appeals to the senses to stay awake and alert and not to remain numb.

“Marina Mascarell built a steady tension on ‘public responsibility’, with three sensual tumbling dancers and fifty simple moving boxes. Especially the soundscape, the preparation and the lighting of it’s like a large animal in deep sleep strengthened the alienating effect.“

De Volkskrant ****