October 2015


by Marina Mascarell

  • For GöteborgOperans DansKompanie




  • Composers: Chris Lancaster & Yamila Rios

    Costumes & Set: Kristin Torp

    Pictures by Mats Bäcker

With Mongrel, Marina Mascarell wants to give a different perspective on how a stranger can approach a new society or a new community. And how do you identify a stranger? “I want to convey a collective experience that encourages each one of us to question our attitude towards strangers and society.” Mongrel examines The Jante Law’s system of punishing anyone whose thoughts or perspective on life differs from that of the majority. In the piece there is a palpable confrontation between the individuals’s desire for uniqueness and the need to fit in. And also between curiosity and fear that can that can be sparked by the new and strange.