April 2019

The Little Great People

by Jiři Pokorný 

  • for Nederlands Dans Theater & Korzo with the support of the Municipality of The Hague and the Performing Arts Fund NL.

  • Composition by Davidson Jaconello

    Costumes Jorrien Schoneveld

    Dance by Kenta Kojiri, Carolina Mancuso, Sarah Reynolds, Dominic Santia, Erika Poletto, Aya Degani

    Campagne visuals by myself


Pokorný’s performances are characterized by their creativity and virtuoso movement language. But it all begins with his tangible personal experiences, the psychological state of man and structures that form society. It is his way to speak of great ideas and ideals through dance – ideas that only exist when they have significance in someone’s personal life. The Little Great People is Pokorny’s first full-evening production for which he created three duets inspired by his fascination for the oppositions and contradictions in human nature and its existence. Each duet is devoted to one particular area of contradiction. Together they form a diverse world of contradictions in which the spectator may recognize him or herself, find glimpses of their own story or identify themselves with stories of others through the body of the dancer.